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Alleppey houseboat booking

A town in Alappuzha district of Kerala, Southern India, Alleppey is the oldest town in the region. Alleppey has a beautiful façade with beautiful canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons. Alleppey has been a prominent tourist destination in Kerala and India.

The backwaters of Alleppey are the main attraction and have placed Kerala on the global map of a must visit place. The houseboat cruises on these backwaters offers a splendid experience that’s hard to describe in words.

The backwaters of Alleppey also serve as a perfect ground for the famous Nehru trophy boat race. The backwater and wetlands of Alleppey becomes host to the migrant ducks, commorants and common teal once the annual floods fill up the lake to the brim.

Alleppey houseboat cruises have been a massive success mainly for the picturesque appeal its surroundings offer. Alleppey is known as the Venice of the east. This small town of Alleppey has lot of sightseeing and attraction lined up for tourists. Backwater cruises top the chart in Alleppey.

Reputed houseboat operators have a fleet of houseboats lined up for you to take a ride. You can choose from standard houseboats, deluxe houseboats, premium houseboats to luxury houseboats and make your cruise more exciting. Even a modest economically priced houseboat will leave you with an experience of a lifetime.

The growing popularity of the houseboat cruises has resulted in making of several different packages that suit your taste buds and cater to both domestic and international tourists. The houseboat cruises last for a minimum of a day and maximum three days.

Check in is by 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm and check out is by 9:00am the following morning. At 5:30 the boats halt and the Air conditioners are turned on between 8:00 am to 6:30 pm only.

The cuisines served in the houseboat are mainly traditional Kerala dishes comprising of vegetarian delicacies like Thoran, Sāmbhar, stew and non-vegetarian dishes like shrimp curry, fish-curry, fish fry etc. A beautiful view of the sun rise and sunset with a hot cup of coffee or tea followed by breakfast or snacks completes the ensemble of watching beautiful scenery and a relaxed feeling.

The Alleppey boathouse cruise will take you to places like Chavara church, river side temple, toddy shops, duck farming, swimming, fishing, country boat ride through the narrow canals, handicraft centers, Amma ashram and more.

You can hire a single room houseboat and enjoy the beautiful ecstatic cruise experience in the company of your companion in complete privacy or hire a decker boat and have fun and frolic while you cruise around.

So whether you plan on having a business and leisure trip clubbed together, romantic honeymoon cruise, leisure cruise or any kind of cruise you wish Alleppey boat house operators are well equipped to provide that experience.

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