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Houseboat tariff and online bookings

Houseboats in Kerala, God’s own country have become a quintessential source of entertainment and excitement providers. Its increasingly growing fame has revived the need for more and more superior, high graded extremely comfort providing cruise boat houses.

What remains applaud able is the fact that despite the name and fame and the mind-blowing experience offered from these backwater cruises, every details has been paid meticulous attention to, to ensure the ecological balance is well maintained. The surroundings are not hampered with, the natural appeal of the environment and even the construction of the boat is done in completely natural manner.

All good things come at a cost and hence these natural entertainment providers that offer you an exotic and ecstatic lifetime experience come at a cost that varies depending on the type of houseboat you choose and the number of days you decide to cruise.

Types of houseboats& Tariffs

There are different kinds of houseboats with varying price tags.

  • The houseboats are available with bedrooms ranging from 1 to 6.
  • There are
    • Standard houseboats
    • Deluxe houseboats
    • Luxury houseboats
    • Premium houseboats
    • Decker houseboats
    • Deluxe, luxury houseboats
    • Deluxe luxury decker houseboats
    • Barges modest and economical houseboats
  • Most present day houseboats run on motor but barges are still conventionally rowed by men with a long pole. This is also extremely economical and true to the olden day’s way of commuting across on Kerala backwaters.
  • Houseboats run on motor also come with options of with or without A/C
  • The tariff for houseboats also varies depending on the star rating they possess which is very similar to the ratings a hotel on ground possesses.
    • Better furnishings, cozy conveniences, privacy factor, scrumptious cuisine, customized attention and few other nitty gritties contribute to the ratings of the houseboat.
    • The spaciousness of the room and bathrooms and storage spaces make an impact on the ratings too
    • The well-organized Kitchen with adequate equipment’s add to the sophistication factor too
    • Rooms equipped with LCD, CD, TV and music system etc. also add to the tariff.
  • Tariff for a houseboat also depends on the peak season and off season
    • A premium A/C houseboat would cost you between rupees 16,000 to Rupees 60,000 depending on the rooms the boat possess.
    • A luxury A/C houseboat would be lesser varying from 11,000 to 40,000 rupees.
    • During the peak season the rates might go as high as Rupees 21,000 to 72,000 for premium boats and Rupees 16,000 to 59,000 for luxury A/C boats.
  • During festival time the packages often include the festival splendors like the snake boat race and other activities which also contribute to the hike in the prices.
  • The cruise cost includes sightseeing and the itinerary can be customized if the boat is booked for you, a corporate group or big family.
  • The boat halts at 5:30 pm and A/C is turned on only between 8:30 am till 6:00pm.
  • The tariff is inclusive of applicable taxes but does not include portages, tips and gratitude’s


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