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Houseboat cruise in Kumarakom

Kumarakom came to be known to the world through Ayemenem village mentioned by Arundhati Roy in her best seller book “God of Small things”. The tranquility, serenity and scenic imagery of the village contributes immensely to the fa├žade of this otherwise quiet and sleepy little town of Kumarakom.

Besides the village the houseboat cruises of Kumarakom have also placed it on the global map. Tourists from all around the world head to Kumarakom mainly to enjoy an ecstatic cruise of a lifetime.

A typical houseboat cruise in Kumarakom will offer you a splendid pampering and leisure experience. You can choose from luxury boat house cruises at affordable and economical rates. The main backwater cruise routes the houseboats ply between are Alleppey & Kumarakom. Two or three night cruise covers Kollam too.

  • If you are hiring a private houseboat than you can even get the itinerary customized according to your requirements.
  • You check in to the houseboat at 12:00 and are greeted by the extremely cordial staff with tender coconut water, fruit basket and garland.
  • You are escorted to your rooms where you can freshen up and enjoy the detailed furnishings of your private room in the houseboat.
  • At one after the boat has taken off, you are invited for a scrumptious lunch which usually comprises of the traditional Kerala dishes. However if you have other food requirements you will have to keep the respective operators informed in advance.
  • You have free access to the kitchen and you can ask the chef to whip up something special for you.
  • The cruise will continue, making stop overs for you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful things the villages and the Vembanad Lake has to offer.
    • On a Kumarakom boathouse cruise you will beautiful rivers and canals
    • Catch a glimpse of the villages on the banks of the lake, kiosks selling local dishes, churches at a distance,
    • Experience Toddy making and even tasting it is an experience you will take back from Kumarakom cruise
    • As the sun begins to simmer to set for the day, your evening hot beverage will be ready to be served. A hot cup of Kerala coffee or tea along with some traditional accompaniments or snacks like banana chips.
  • By 5:30 the houseboat will hault.For the rest of the night you will be halting close to the land on the boat.
    • Dinner on deck under the moonlit sky is served if you’ve chosen a decker boat.
    • For newly married couples the houseboat crew goes the extra mile to offer a romantic dinner setting
  • The boat halts till 7:30am in the morning due to legal restrictions. The time period allows fishermen to spread their nets to catch some fish. Hence you can watch them do that or even participate with them
    • An early morning cup of coffee or tea on the boat watching the sun rise is absolutely breathtaking.
    • Watching the people beginning their day and running their errands at the break of the dawn is a beautiful scene to watch and a unique tour of countryside.
  • Kumarakom houseboat facilities have managed to improvise and provide better amenities based on feedback submitted by its patrons.
    • The Kumarakom luxury boathouse cruise can always be altered or customized according to your requirements.

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