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Kerala boat house and housbeoats

In the western countries especially in Seattle, USA there is a huge difference between the term houseboatsand boathouse. But be it India, USA or any other country or continent even- those who do not spend time on water or stay near water wouldn’t know the huge difference both the words possess.

“Live aboard” boats or boat houses as they are locally known as are actually different from houseboats. A boat house is literally a floating home with accommodation facility very similar to your home on land, you practically own the boat as your home carrying out your daily chores or errands as you would in your conventional home. A houseboat on the other hand is any kind of boat afloat on water especially barges with house above them.

The famous Kettuvellams of Kerala in India, were once boat houses in which, from an individual to an entire family stayed and carried out their entire days routine, while sailing away from one location to another minding their business and errands. The boathouse would be parked at times on the shores depending on the requirements and need of its owners.

Today these traditional boat houses have become an exotic and luxury cruise experience that simply take your breathe away by offering an experience that cannot be stated in words. The almost extinct kettuvellams rose up like a phoenix from its grave and evolved as a houseboat carrying tourists across showcasing the vast beauty of the VembanadLake and breathe taking scenery.

The once modest homes and cargo carrying modes of transportation today have become world famous as “Kerala houseboats”. Cruises on these houseboats have been talked about and its increasing fame has only resulted in more and more number of Houseboats cruising on the VembanadLake.
So whether it is a Boathouse or houseboats the difference between the two should matter only if you own one and if the government approaches you with legalities and formalities that need to be filled. Other than that these boats with houses and lot more facilities are meant for you to simply occupy and cruise around and be taken into a trance.

Houseboats have become an integral part of Kerala tourism. The houseboats add a unique feature to the Kerala tourism industry. Hence the Kerala government has left no stone unturned in ensuring that bookings for various requirements on these houseboats are well facilitated. Both private and government owned houseboat bookings options have been made easy and convenient for you to choose and decide what features of the boat would suit your needs best.

  • Most of the tour package will include at-least a day’s trip on the houseboat.
  • You can choose from a range of packages like- Luxury, deluxe, honeymoon cruises,romantic cruises, deluxe or luxury honeymooncruises etc.
  • There are different kinds of houseboats available – smaller boats with at least three room facilities, double decker’s, 6 room houseboats with lounge and other high end facilities
  • Houseboats too come with ratings as a hotel on land hence it makes it convenient for you to choose form different categories of houseboats.

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