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Kerala hosueboat booking

Kerala houseboat tours have become so popular that they have earned international recognition. Tourists from abroad repeatedly visiting Kerala mainly for the houseboat cruise experience have contributed immensely towards the improvisation and implementation of newer features to the traditional cargo carrying Kettuvellams.

Several tour operators have dedicated a page to showcase the myriad houseboat types and cruise options on their websites to make it easier for tourists planning to visit Kerala mainly from the cruise from abroad, neighboring states of India and even residents of Kerala.

Successful tour operators have gone an extra mile in presenting comprehensive details about the interiors and in-house service provisions you will avail depending on the boat and package you choose. These aspects actually contribute a huge help for foreigners and other state Indian residents to make a pick.
Before you consider a Kerala houseboat booking in advance either by a phone call or online you should check some information’s to have a clear idea of what you are paying for:

  • Different types of houseboat and houseboat operators have different kinds of kits at disposal as a welcome gesture. Petty as it may sound the welcome kit with its mélange of things at offer is  a pampering way to start the cruise hence do not feel coy in checking that out
    • Some operators have fruit baskets, tender coconut drink and flower garlands to welcome you while some offer a cake, chocolates and garland and a glass of fruit juice to go along.
  • Check for the check –in and check –out time to and from the houseboat.
  • Read or check on your cancellation policy well before you book the houseboat with a particular operator.
    • The cancellation policy caries from 5 days to 60 days.
    • Five or less than five days before your set date if you cancel you might not get a refund at all.
    • Depending on the number of days before the actual date you call to cancel, the cancellation amount is charged 10% to 40% of the amount you’ve paid.
  • Check on the food menu. Most houseboat cruise packages are inclusive of food with additional charges for customized menu. Also check if the food served can be made as continental, North Indian style etc. that would serve your taste bud.
  • Check for the amenities and facilities provided in the rooms of the houseboat- Like DVD, A/C, furnishings, refrigerator, study room, sofa set, etc.
  • Some houseboats have sharing facilities- check beforehand if it sharing in a single room with two beds or different rooms. These confusions might arise mainly in a single or two room houseboats.
  • Before you book a houseboat also check the sizes of the room, sit out and deck. Compare it with two or more other operators in order to get a better idea of whether you are paying the right amount for the right houseboat.

After all of these will only help you rent or book a houseboat in Kerala for a memorable backwater cruise in Kerala.

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