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Kerala houseboat rental

Kerala was once known for hill stations like Munnar, developed city of Cochin and its Chinese fishing nets. But God’s own country in the recent years has earned a global recognition as a must visit place for any kind of tour or vacation. One of the unique travel experiences one can get in Kerala are the houseboats.

The continually increasing fame of these traditional cargo carrying kettuvellams has evolved as a major tourist attraction leaving you with a travel experience that’s out of this world. The kettuvellams have undergone a massive make over but have retained the traditional appeal. They are extremely comfortable and in par with all the facilities you receive in a niche hotel.

The Kerala houseboat rentals too in the recent years have been customized to make them affordable without any compromise in the quality of service and gaining the ecstatic experience that has been a quintessential reason in the growing fame of the Kerala houseboat cruises.

You can take up a Kerala houseboat on rental and enjoy the cruise as if it were your boat house. There are houseboats with single room accommodations and apt for couples or singletons.

With increasing fame comes higher amount of responsibility. Hence private as well as government tour operators responsible for organizing houseboat cruises have left no stone unturned to make sure you get the best deals on the cruises and professional expertise is available easily to tourists.

There are different kinds of houseboats available and you can choose a package and a boat that fits your budget and requirements. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the two prime regions where houseboat cruises are extremely popular. You can choose from

  • Standard houseboats are convenient and comfortable. What makes them standard is the modest furnishing and simplistic ambience. This houseboat mostly is designed to offer you a memorable tour within a budget that will give you the experience of a cruise and the convenience of an accommodation facility on water.
  • You can rent a pounding houseboat with facilities like a living area, bedroom, ceilings and logs overlapping offering a contemporary touch.
  • Kerala luxury houseboats on rentals make the cruise exotic and lavish. From the luxurious spread of beautiful surrounding outside to a luxurious spread of amenities within the houseboats these houseboats are like a topping on a dessert.
  • The deluxe A/C houseboat are meant to offer more luxury and more luxury is what you get for renting out a houseboatĀ  with lavish arrangements
  • If you are pressed for time and none of the above houseboats fit the bill than you can take a Shikhara ride- a traditional open canoe seen in countryside. A canopy over the boat offers shade to the seaters, bamboo seats are provided and the shikhara can accommodate at least 14 people for a ride.
  • The last and fastest tour option is to rent out motor boat if you can’t or do not wish to take a houseboat on rental or spend a day or two on cruise. You can take a half hour quick tour on the motorboat and enjoy the scenic beauty of the backwaters and the surrounding villages.

Kerala backwaters are serene and offer an imagery that’s hard to believe that it exists on planet earth. Keralas coast has a network of waterways and inlets from the sea. There are nearly 40 rivers, lakes and natural canals that connect the coastal towns of Kerala. The best way to explore these waterways and network of canals and rivers is a through a mind-blowing houseboat cruise.

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