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Reflecting the culture and heritage of Kerala, India, the Kettuvellams were large floating boat with ability to carry high loads of goods.The houseboats are actually a dwelling place meant for humans on a boat however the Kettuvellams of Kerala were initially used to transport goods or men from the interior backwater villages of Kerala to the main trading regions of Kollam, Alleppey, and Kottayam etc. Kettuvellams were highly regarded as important mode of transportation mainly in the Kuttanad region.

However due to development and modern means of road and train transportations made trading and commuting faster, easier and time saving, which led to the decline and diminishing numbers of the Kettuvellams. Kerala left no stone unturned to preserve its traditions and culture and the Kettuvellams were given a makeover without tarnishing its traditional appearance but upping it with all modern amenities, luxuries and conveniences, making it a grandiloquent experience seeking mechanism in the tourism industry.

Hence the goods carrying Kettuvellams have today become a spectacular attraction of Kerala attracting tourists from across the globe. These exotic slow moving barges are sophisticated, luxurious and offer a rejuvenating and relaxing leisure trip these days.
Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom are the main locales known for the ecstatic boat house cruises. Kumarakom after Alleppey is the next best destination to get onboard your mesmerizing backwater cruise.

The houseboats in Kumarakom and across Kerala are all built in a similar fashion but in varying sizes and accommodation facilities. Only eco-friendly raw materials are used to construct even the modern day houseboats. The hull built with wooden planks leashed together with Coconut fiber ropes. The wood commonly used to build the boat house is “Anjili”. Palm leaves and bamboo poles are put together to make a thatch. Cashew nut oil is used as a varnish to protect the houseboats.

Each houseboat comprises of sections that are meant for different purposes. A lounge, air conditioning, decks, private gallery, chairs, kitchen, toilet, and 3bedrooms to 6 bedroom options so on and so forth are some of the amenities you will find in the boat houses of Kumarakom.

Each boat house comprises of a mandatory crew- boat driver, chef and cabin assistant. The food cooked is mostly traditional but you can discuss in advance and get the food arrangements done according to your taste bud.

Houseboat cruises especially in Kumarakom offers a serene and tranquil experience. You can watch the locals carrying on with their errands minding their business, the coconut palms swaying and serving as canopy on the backwaters providing shade, the ducks and duckling swimming, Children taking a splash, so on and so forth. Imagine after gazing at a sight as this all you’d wish for is to retreat to a cozy bed in a well-furnished room with all things to pamper you right by your bedside. The boathouse furnishing and interiors of the rooms are done in fashion that they meet your expectations and demands as it is met in any hotel on ground.

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