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Delectable cuisines and the backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala have a mystic charm and alluring approach to the naked eyes of any onlooker. The cruise through the serene waters gleaming under the sunlight sways you away and takes you to a different world. The slipping away of the rural life on the banks of the backwaters, the shade from the coconut leaves forming a makeshift canopy adds a dual tone to the brackish water and the sight of men climbing the tall coconut trees without safety strings to collect toddy make the cruise a visual treat.

Sailing away in the pretty houseboats of your choice, hearing the boat slice away the rippling waters, the calms of the surroundings, the flying migratory birds, the rowing of the canoes and whimsical songs of the chirping birds make the cruise a silent and romantic affair with the mysticism of Gods Own country.

With food and beverages served on the board, there is something special in store for different kinds of packages you opt for. Foods served in houseboats are par excellence and maintain authentic traditional taste of Kerala. Fish and vegetable stews were primary on the houseboat menu however with the changing clientele and increase in global visitors the houseboat menu too has undergone changes but without changing the authenticity of the food.

Welcome drink Yes!

You are greeted with a welcome drink – a fresh cut coconut. The refreshing tender coconut water is a lead to the next activity on the boat. With the assistance provided to check in your rooms and once you’ve settled, and the cruise has commenced, you can be rest assured to be treated with natural escapades and scrumptious meals served onboard.

The chef’s cook out

Unlike the restriction in the restaurants and hotels on land, the kitchen entry in the houseboat is not restricted. You can visit the kitchen and watch the chef do his job and impress you with the little games he plays with his spices and serves up a delectable spread for you to relish.

You can find yourself treated with the traditional spread of Kerala meals. Rice, Lentils cooked with vegetables, side dish, fish fry, pappads, sweet, pickles. The food ingredients are freshly purchased from the market right before the cruise commences. Besides enjoying the cruise guests can also engage themselves in fishing. If your skills are fruitful and if you manage to catch a fish, the chef would do the deeds of cooking and serving it. The crabs, shrimp, lobsters sold on the shore can also be picked and be cooked on request.

As the evening sets in, time for some beverage. After a scrumptious meal and rewarding catch around 4:30 to 5:00pm, hot cup of coffee or spice tea can help mellow your heavy meal down. Be rest assured despite the heavy meal the delicious smelling evening snacks will stir up cravings to push down your belly some more grubs. Accompanied with fried tapioca, banana, finger chip and more the evening snacks with the hot beverage is perfect to relax and watch the lights of the sunlight go down.

As the sunsets, the houseboat lights up. You can enjoy a canoe or row a boat on the riverside and watch the village from a proximity. Not only will this add to your on water rural sightseeing but the activity will help with good digestion of all that you’ve eaten lazing off on the houseboat. With the sunset and your return to the houseboat, dinner will be served. Dinner dining in the darkness of the backwaters, the silence of the night and the moonlit sky adds to the unique experience of the houseboat cruise, and the food just completes the experience.

Wake up call!

Early morning Tea and coffee is a habit globally followed. Having it on board your cruise boat is like a topping on your dessert. A cup of hot coffee or tea and the view of refreshing sunrise is a lovely medley that goes hand in hand. You can opt for a continental breakfast comprising of bread, eggs and jam or go for south Indian breakfast with steamed pancakes, sour lentils and chutney (Idly Sāmbhar, chutney)

The houseboat menus have been made flexible to suit the taste buds of tourists from across India and Abroad. Hence the North Indian food, Continental food and South Indian food have been comfortably accommodated.

The houseboats also hire licensed chefs and cooks to ensure that the quality of food served is good, meets the required taste maintaining the authenticity of the dish, hygienically prepared and understand the requirements of the guest and cater accordingly. The chef and cooks are trained to render hospitality and be flexible towards customization of the meals and snacks if requested by the guests.

Cookery Classes

Some houseboats even offer cooking classes by reputed chefs. The cruise and class medley and the dishes to be learnt are unique and true to Kerala’s natural form. The cookery classes on the cruise teach authentic Kerala dishes and if you are lucky you chef might just give you an insight on how to prepare the famous Kerala moilee and Stews that have earned famed for being delectable and simply tasteful.

Candle light Dinners

The houseboat menu for newly married couples is slightly different. BE it on sharing or private boat cruise, the honeymooners are in for a gala treat. Right from the welcome drink to the entry into their cabins every arrangement involves an element of romanticism. The newlyweds are greeted and treated with a wedding cake and served special main course and desserts. Candle light dinner completes the romantic ambience set to make the occasion special for the newlyweds. Any special request made by the newlyweds with regards to modifications in the menu doesn’t even call for additional charges.

Kerala dishes comprise of coconut and coconut milk dominantly. String hoppers served with coconut milk and sweetened coconut, string hoppers and egg hoppers served with crab curry or shrimp curry, Beef pepper fry, Crab fry, Kerala chicken curry and more all make it to the houseboat menu. Prior intimation is mandatory for those seeking pure vegetarian food, North Indian Food, Jain Dishes or less spicy food for European tourists and accordingly the houseboat chef is arranged.

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