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Kerala Houseboat Classification

The growing popularity of the houseboats has made way to different types of Houseboats too. The modest Kettuvellams that once possessed one or two quarters and an area for kitchen and storage in a modest manner has undergone massive makeover retaining its old world charm. From three, four, five and upper deck houseboat the options are plenty for you to choose. You can hire a private houseboat for yourself or make use of the grand upper deck houseboats for corporate get together or family rendezvous. Kumarakom houseboats have a vast spread of houseboats with different accommodation facilities for you to choose for suiting your budget and needs.

Upper deck houseboats

The upper deck houseboats have appealed to the likings of the corporate community. The upper decks and increased number of rooms and leisure cruise for a day or two sets the perfect atmosphere to mix work and pleasure. You can have your conference meetings and then head to the deck to enjoy your lunch. As a matter of fact, the deck business and lunch combination also makes sure that your subordinates or partners do not disappear after making a quick appearance.

The upper deck houseboats are air conditioned and well furnished. And you’d be surprised they are even fitted with state of the art gadgets. Additionally you can coordinate with the boat authorities to check on your requirements for audio-video presentation, close circuit TV, video conferencing, internet, and intercom so on and so forth.

Since these houseboats cater to the needs of the white collar top notches, the cuisine served is prepared under international standards. The food dominantly remains ethnic but can be customized depending on your requirements. Safety measures have been well taken care of with adequate fire extinguisher aptly placed. Fire pumps, life rafts and experienced lifeguards are always available at for quick rescue operations in case of a mishap.

Unlike the traditional houseboats that have dominant usage of bamboo and coconut fiber ropes, the upper deck houseboats have coir carpets that allow its occupants to enjoy the scenic view of the backwaters from the comfort of their houseboat room. The upper deck houseboat does not compromise any eco value and hence from the septic tank to the usage of the generator to power the A/c on the boat has been well taken care of. The bio-septic tank is researched and certified by central research laboratory that it’s fit to collect the fecal discards and will not pollute the backwaters.

Kettuvellam rice boat journey

The old rice barges were then called Ketuvellams that transported goods and cargos from one place to another serving as the prime mode of transportation. The disappearing Kettuvellams made a comeback and appealed to a mass of tourists from across the world. Built from jackfruit logs, leashed with coconut fiber and coconut nails, these Kettuvellams were converted in a fashion to house one two three and four bedrooms. So you could hire Kettuvellams for a day or two for yourself or on sharing basis and enjoy the serenity of the Backwaters.

Punting houseboats

The existence of punting houseboats in Kerala is surreal. Boating in the maze of canals on the punting houseboat coupled with the intricate surroundings of the nature is an experience that’s not easy to describe. The methodical process of the punts rising skywards and descending in to the water slicing the backwaters is hypnotic to watch. The punting process demands the strength and muscle to rise and drop in the serene waters and to watch the boatsman do that with his bare hands is jaw dropping.

Houseboats are made of jack wood which in ancient times was used to transport goods, cargos, food items from one place to another. Braided palm leaves, aracanut trees and coconut husk masks were used to make the quarters and toilets in the punting boats. However, today the boats retain a lot of traditional touches but have also seen some modifications. Present day houseboats are well equipped to offer a sophisticated and mind blowing stay experience.

The old houseboats often comprised of rooms meant for sleeping and would long towards both ends and broad in the center. The central part is where the quarters and kitchen were placed, and the boat would also have place to accommodate the oarsman who would row the boat with a long pole.

The whole rowing of the boats process helped the boatsman to stay afloat and travel from one place to another watching fishermen catch fish or local vendors on the banks of the waters selling goods. Sometimes the entire family would stock up enough good and float around finishing their business they’d set out to.

Present day punting boats offer you a beautiful experience where you row away to scenic locations. You can catch a glimpse of water snake feasting on a fish, do some shopping from the sellers on the banks, and indulge in some fishing spree of your own. Punting boats these days come with adequate lightings that are discreet and match the ambience wheel. Some punting boats use solar powered panels hidden in the roof that help generate power. The punting boat requires at least a ten feet depth for the motor to function and the oarsman punting helps with just that.

Hence when you hire a punting boat you’d be accompanied with two punters, a cook and yourself or group. Punting houseboats offer a relaxing slow paced experience. They are equally equipped to eat the requirement and comforts you seek while you slip away into the coziness and confines of the punting houseboats.

Motor boat/ speed boats

Motor boats and speed boats are quicker and affordable way to experience the beauty of the backwaters in Kerala. The different kinds of motorboats have different seating capacity and vary from accommodating between ten to fifty passengers. The motor boat costs vary for an hour long cruise depending on the motor boat you choose. The lesser seating capacity, the higher is the price. The options of boarding an open speed board and covered motor board is also available.

Classifications of Houseboats

Houseboats have become extremely popular and have attracted and continue to lure global tourists. In order to set benchmark standard the need to certify, the houseboats standards was imperative. The step would also help you to know what kind of service you are going to receive for the houseboat you choose. Hence just like your star hotels the houseboats too have ratings that are

Gold star – Ultra plush and deluxe category houseboats

Silver stars – Above punting houseboats and below deluxe, standard category

Green Palm- Punting houseboats non-mechanized/ electric engine run

In order to receive the ratings and classification, the boats have also to meet additional points like the material used in the construction of the houseboat, the silver ware used, choice of crockery, the food menu, the serviettes and storage area, the disposal mechanism, the arrangement of rooms, garbage disposal mechanisms, licenses, back up and safety measures, choice of carpets, linens, show items, quality of staff so on and so forth. Knowing these informations can help you also learn if you are actually receiving the experience you deserve and pay for depending on either of the classifications you choose.

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